Customer Rewards Manager
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• Division: Hungry App

• Department: Hungry App Loyalty Program

• Reporting Line: Hungry App General Manager

The Customer Rewards Manager's primary duty is to use his/her expertise to analyze and react to data to manage the Hungry Loyalty Program.He/she is responsible for analyzing, identifying, designing and implementing customers' acquisition and retention campaigns. This entails coordinating new, existing and planned projects across different food brands and countries, and designing/suggesting marketing campaigns for specific customers' segments.Among the opportunities for improvement in Churn and Loyalty that this position expects to participate in are local market strategies, customer experience, value management and steering.
Job Description
• Responsible for creating & executing programs to improve care’s churn performance with analytics
• Be the EFG expert of HungryApp loyalty program management (back-end system)
• Drives the development & implementation of strategic & tactical plans supporting care retention targets. This requires the ability to clearly communicate to a variety of levels in leadership and understand what is important to different stakeholders in the business and ensure their interests are protected
• Leverage customer, financial and churn data to inform decisions and identify the opportunity areas, and tactics needed, to mitigate churn risk
• Design customer-targeting approaches based on customer data attributes to execute business strategy• Work with key stakeholder teams to develop, configure, test, implement, and assess value focused strategies

Job Requirement

•Bachelor or more advanced degree in business, customer, marketing or data

•3-5 years Strategic Analysis in a large corporation, retailers
• Advanced knowledge of Excel and report template analysis

• Advanced knowledge in Power BI would be a great plus

• Travel to countries when possible and support via MS Teams Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and other countries

• Experience in delivery Aggregators is prioritized

Travel Requirement 

• Travel to countries when possible and support vs ms. teams  Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, other countries.