Dealer Development manager
  • ប្រភេទការងារ
  • រដ្ឋាភិបាល និងរដ្ឋបាលសាធារណៈ
  • ទីតាំង
  • ភ្នំពេញ(1)

+Job Description 

Functional Responsibilities:

• Analyze, develop and consult the dealer network on the best possible market coverage. Evaluate dealer performance at both primary and secondary network level.              

• Identifying new markets for coverage through primary and secondary network. Evaluate facilities, prepare and implement action plans to achieve required Corporate Identity.  

• Responsible for Dealer Recruitment and evaluation of applicants Location finalization, Layout planning and monitoring of construction and coordination for setting up of new dealerships.  

• Analyze and coordination of business plans in addition to defining measures to increase profitability in conjunction with business units. Developing, analyzing and updating the Feasibility model for the new business partners across various towns and cities.  

• Initiate, coordinate and consult in business process improvement in dealerships. Supporting the dealer management selection and development process.  

• Identifying and developing new vendors. Coordination with Sales, After Sales and Marketing.

• Support the dealer management selection and development process.

• Identify and develop new dealers /retailers.

• Coordinate with sales, After sales and marketing.

Knowledge Responsibilities:

• Results oriented, self-starter, energetic, works well with others in a remote team-oriented environment, Prospecting skills

• Bachelor degree in management or BBA or related fields

• Creative, logical, analytical person willing to try new approaches required by the company and the marketplace, Technical/product understanding.

++Job Requirements 

• At least 5 years experience in sales and marketing

• Leadership and Management  

• Experience with machinery is the best  

• Coaching  

• Good in Problem Solving  

• Planning and Organizing  

• Strategic thinking  

• Motivating Others