Sales Admin
  • ប្រភេទការងារ
  • រដ្ឋាភិបាល និងរដ្ឋបាលសាធារណៈ
  • ទីតាំង
  • ភ្នំពេញ(1)

 Job Description:

  • - To issue invoices, sale contracts, and trade-in contracts
  • - To manage stock and request vehicle for display in showroom and delivery to customer
  • - To report daily and weekly reports updating on stock in and out for daily vehicle sales and           trade-in operation
  • - To control parking space for vehicle display and vehicle for delivery
  • - To assist in administration task such as quotation, contract, and ownership transfer
  • - To request and control on customers' and staff's amenity and stationery
  • - To request give away items to customers
  • - To develop vehicle delivery photo to each sales consultant
  • - To prepare monthly reports and send to all related departments
  • - To work closely with distributor for promotion items arrangement for customers
  • - To register online plate number for customers
  • - Perform other tasks assigned by supervisor


 Job Requirement:

  • - Bachelor degree of Management/ Business Administration/ related fields
  • - At least 1 year experience in admin or fresh graduated student
  • - Good English communication and interpersonal skills
  • - Good Team player, initiative, friendly, fresh, and service oriented
  • - Knowledge of computer, Ms. Word, Excel, and Power Point
  • - Attention to detail