AML & Compliance Officer
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+Job Description

 Company/Business Profile:  

BSP Finance (Cambodia) Plc is a joint venture between Devco Capital Limited and BSP Finance Limited. It  

has been active in the leasing business since 2013 when it obtained the second Cambodian leasing license  

from the National Bank of Cambodia. We provide custom-made financing solutions to clients wishing to  

purchase goods and equipment such as vehicles (cars, tractors, trucks and heavy equipment), medical  

equipment, kitchen equipment, food processing equipment (all movable assets).  

We have a strong business plan in order to increase significantly our market share on the leasing business in  

Cambodia within 2 to 3 years.  

Thanks  to  its  extensive  knowledge  of  the  Cambodian  market,  BSP  Finance  is  in  the  forefront  of  asset  

financing  innovation  in Cambodia  and  in  a  good  position  to  capture  a  significant  part  of  this  growing  


 Overall Purpose of the Role:  

Compliance and operational risk officer plays vital role in ensuring Company’s operational effectiveness  

(internal  compliance)  to  related  laws  and  regulations  issued  by  related  authorities.  He/she  is  the  main  

contact point for updating new policies and regulations affecting the Company’s operations. 

++Job Requirements

1  Bachelor in law, banking and finance, or related field  

2  At least one-two years of experience in the similar position  

3  Multi tasks and strong organizational skill  

4  Good in problem solving  

5  Good in analytical and interpersonal skills  

6  Creative, result-driven, able to take initiative  

7  Business Management Ethic  

8  Strong  team player